About Phillips Pond

When you visit Phillips Pond, you'll STEP BACK...   

Hidden back in the northwest corner of Randolph County, Georgia, Phillips Pond is far from the rush , noise and aggravations of the everyday world.

The nearest main highway is 3 1/2 miles away. There are no Jet-skis, water-skiers, or “thunder boats”.

You won’t find 200 bass tournament fishermen ahead of you or roaring past you, and pro guides with clients are prohibited by regulations.

What you will find is 150 acres of clean water from Deer Creek, with an average depth of 12 feet, 34 at the deepest point. There is a gated concrete boat ramp with 6 feet of water at its end, a security light, and a 32 foot boarding dock. Picnic tables, barbecue area, a new restroom, and ample parking are all close by.

There are numerous hedgerows that we left when pushing up the pine that came up in the five years the pond was empty, with ditches, ridges, humps, rock piles, and even a couple of peanut combines added in for structure.

Before Lake Blackshear, before Lake Seminole, before Lake Eufaula, there was Phillips Pond. The first Phillips Pond was built in the 1840’s, above the big Phillips Pond built in the 1930’s.

Not much has changed around the pond since.

There is still a 10 square mile watershed, mostly timberland and creek bottom. There are dogwood blossoms in April, but no housing developments. You may see a deer or wood ducks, but you won’t find a paper mill or nuclear plant outflow pipe. It is not downstream from Columbus or Atlanta, and the only parking lot that drains into it is the grass lawn of 170 year-old Sharon Church two miles away.

Our philosophy hasn’t changed either. We want a clean, safe place for gentlemen sportsmen and their families to enjoy the outdoors.

Thoreau wrote “ Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”.

Phillips Pond is a place that becomes part of who you are. It’s the kind of place that you want to take that friend whom you owe a favor, or a place you want to take your Dad to thank him for those foggy mornings and red sunsets on the water years ago.

Phillips Pond can be safely fished from a pontoon boat, bass boat, johnboat or even a canoe. We don’t have a limit on motor size, but do have a speed limit and no-wake-around-others policy.

If you plan to just use an electric motor, bring two batteries! It’s 1 1/4 miles long, and takes a good chunk of day to fish all the way around.

Thoreau also wrote “Heaven is beneath our feet as well as over our heads”. It is easy to agree with him when the pine trees block the evening sun, the bullfrogs begin to croak, and a big bass hits your grandson’s top water lure for the first time...

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